HLQAT - The Hospital Leadership and Quality Assessment Tool

Description of the HLQAT Survey

The Hospital Leadership and Quality Assessment Tool (HLQAT) is designed to assess the perceptions of hospital board members, executives, and managers about important areas of leadership engagement in clinical quality improvement activities within their organization. The current HLQAT survey is the result of rigorous analysis of results from previous testing and subsequent improvements to the tool.

The survey should take 20 - 30 minutes to complete and will require a Hospital Code to begin.

Titles/Roles of Hospital Staff Who Should Complete the HLQAT

This gap assessment tool is designed to provide your hospital with information as to how your leadership staff perceive your organization's level of commitment and engagement in activities supporting quality improvement. It is intended to have a blend of responses from within your organization including board members, executives and managers. You will have the opportunity to select your role within your hospital below.

1. Hospital Code

Please enter the hospital code that you have been provided in the space below. If you do not have a hospital code you will need to contact the person from your hospital that is responsible for administering the HLQAT. A valid hospital code is required to proceed.

2. Your Position

Please select the button next to the title or description that most closely matches your position in the hospital. You may choose only one.

  1. Hospital Board of Directors/Trustees/Governing Board
    • Non-Health/Hospital System Board Members of the Hospital
  2. Executive
    • The CEO, President, or Highest Ranking Executive Administrator in the Hospital
  3. Senior Administration/Management-Specific Individuals
    • CMO (Chief Medical Officer) / VP of Medical Services / or Top Physician Executive
    • CNO (Chief Nursing Officer) / VP of Nursing /or Top Nursing Executive
    • COO (Chief Operating Officer)
    • CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
    • Chief of Medical Staff or Similar Role
    • Vice Presidents/Assistant Vice Presidents
    • Other Administrative or Executive level leaders or Senior Executive Team members ("C-Suite")
    • Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Personnel (Senior level or management level only)
  4. Physician Leaders
    • Who Oversee Clinical Departments
    • Are in Other Formal Leadership Roles in the Hospital
  5. Directors/Managers of clinical areas (non-physicians)
    • Nursing Units
    • Lab
    • Emergency Dept.
    • Radiology
    • Other
3. Years of Service

How long have you been in your current position at the hospital?

  • Less than 1 Year
  • 1 - 3 Years
  • 4 - 7 Years
  • More than 7 Years
4. Disclaimer

The information from a hospital's HLQAT survey is the property of the hospital and they are free to share it with whomever they wish. The participating hospital agrees that HLQAT.org, the administrator of this web-based survey, shall retain and own an aggregate copy of all data and information generated by the HLQAT survey. Any analysis of the data from the surveys will be shared in the aggregate only. No hospital level data will be shared outside of the HLQAT research team. No individual hospital or respondent data will be shared.

I Accept.